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Denys Kinchev

Artist, Music teacher

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Denys Kinchev is a Ukrainian virtuoso musician, balalaika artist

In the 3rd year, he quit studying at the music college in Chernihiv and entered the P.I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory as an external He honed his skills and developed a unique style that blended traditional Ukrainian folk music with classical and improvisational elements. Denys's talent and hard work paid off when he won first place at the Voice of Ukraine Olympiad in 2017, and he went on to become a Laureate of Ukrainian and international competitions.

His skillful and innovative approach to playing the balalaika has earned him recognition and praise from audiences and fellow musicians alike. Denys is a versatile musician who can seamlessly transition between different genres of music, including Ukrainian folk music, classical, and improvisation. He has also managed to modernize the balalaika, making it sound like a contemporary instrument in his hands. Denys has performed at many prestigious music festivals, including the Unity Jazz Festival in Kyiv, the Odessa Jazz Festival, and the Koktevel Jazz Festival in Odessa.

His performances have been described as captivating, and his energy on stage is infectious. Despite his success, Denys remains humble and continues to work hard on his craft. He believes that there is always room for improvement and is constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of his music. Denys Kinchev is a rising star in the music world, and his passion, talent, and dedication are sure to take him far in his career.